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Visual Art Contribution

Katara is a professional graphic designer living and working in Germany. Since she has a full-time job sliding pixels she found her passion in working with real media. Her main media are watercolors, crayons and markers.

Even as a little child drawing was her passion. Loving all kinds of animals – and being amongst the furry fandom since 2002 - she found her artistic focus in creating animal- and anthro-illustrations.

Image: Bones in the Sand by Katara Image: „Bones in the Sand“ - 2015


A big thank you to Kuro for her spontaneous help with our placeholder website for which she did the background artwork!

Background for placeholder website, done by Kuro

Furthermore we want to thank the following projects for making our design ideas possible:

Website Team

Please direct any comments, ideas or critique about our website to the following folks:

Image by Korrok


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Image by Korrok


2nd Director, Code, Banner Exchange & SEO

Image by Korrok



Image by Korrok


Additional Graphics and HTML

Tech Support & Bug Report

Layout broken? Pages display weird content? You don't like the colors? We're grateful for every bug report (and feedback) you file in.

If you would like to include a screenshot, please upload it to any host and include a link in your report. After all, a picture says more than thousand words.

When doing so, please ensure that you include every detail about the circumstances, under which the bug occured.

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