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Fursuit Gameshow

What is this about?

The Eurofurence Fursuit Gameshow has a proud history of over ten years, the first production going on stage in 2006 at EF12. We keep improving the show's format as we all learn new things every year we put them on stage!

What sets the Eurofurence Fursuit Gameshow apart from similar events at other conventions? We run a stage show! That means it is aimed at fursuiters who want to perform in front of an audience and the games are designed with the audience entertainment in mind!

The first several Gameshows were run in what was basically a direct elimination system with two teams competing in games and the winner going to the next round. There were actually two games played in the first half which lead to many ties that had to be broken.

For EF 18 (Animalia Romana) we changed the mode to a points based system. This meant two main advantages: From the audience's perspective, the finalists would only be known after all the rounds have been played out and the ranking could change up until the last minute. From the players' perspective, no team would drop out after just a few minutes of stage time but rather plays out all four of their games! By distributing the points in a creative manner, we could also eliminate the possibility of any ties right there in the system. No need for semi-random (or sometimes truly random) tie breakers!

The newer system also allowed us to put up more than two teams in some of the rounds to create more interesting games that would not be possible otherwise.

Changes are-a-coming

We have decided to carefully try out a different approach for the overall mode of the show in 2017. While the show in itself will remain in the established format, we are now looking for players who can commit to the stage show way, way before EF. Yes, that means we will accept fursuiters signing up for the show right from the time EF registration opens!

Can I participate?
Short answer: yes!
Long answer: yes, if...

  1. have a fursuit, and that counts at LEAST for a full headmask and handpaws. Feetpaws and fullsuit are very much preferred!
  2. have some experience in wearing that suit. Please don't sign up if the suit is new to you!
  3. know you can handle some physical activity in that suit. There will be bursts of activity on stage, some more some less intense. But in the interest of our audience: there is no standing still time planned on stage!
  4. are competitive...but not too much! This is a just-for-fun event, we would like for everyone to walk away from it and not have to call for the medics!
  5. are punctual and we can rely on you! If you sign up for the show, there will be some time/effort to go along with it, both at EF and before. We will try our best to minimize both but the event will come to a grinding halt if one of the gears (i.e. players or staff) doesn't come through on a deadline.

Since we won't know if there are enough qualified nominations before our deadline, we will keep the preliminary games in the schedule as a means of finding players "last minute".

The stage show

The stage show will run by the usual mode: teams of two suiters each will play against each other in a mixed roster and whichever two teams win the most games (i.e. the most points) will be in the final game. This way nobody drops out early, the final result is potentially open until right before the final game and chances are even because "everybody competes against everyone else". We spent a lot of time optimizing that roster and the points assigned to each player to be as well mixed as possible. To keep the audience in the loop about the current results, we show the overall scores after every round.

If you have any questions, please contact us.


So what happens to the preliminaries? - The preliminaries (qualification games) will still be scheduled! This has two reasons: If there aren't enough qualified nominations early enough, we will revert to the preliminaries as selection method for players to fill the stage show. If we don't need any more players, the preliminaries will be a "games for everyone" round that includes the donation run but has no effect on the teams competing.