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Note: Many general questions can be quickly answered on our forums.

Choice Help

If you are unsure about the nature of your case and which department to contact, the following points may be of assistance:

Contact our Chairman
< chairman[at]> when…
  • You have something very, very urgent that cannot be discussed with anyone else.
Contact our Vice Chairman
< vice-chairman[at]> when…
  • You have something very, very urgent that cannot be discussed either with anyone else, nor with the Chairman himself.
Contact our Accounting & Payment
< payment[at]> when…
  • Two weeks after your payment have passed, and still you haven't received any confirmation
  • You still have questions about your payment methods after reading the guide on our registration page
Contact our Registration
< reg[at]> when…
  • You need to transfer your account to someone else
  • You want to change details of your registration
Contact our Con Operations
< operations[at]> when…
  • If you need coordination and help with a special event or decoration idea
  • If you require special hardware for your event
Contact our Security
< security[at]> when…
  • Questions have remained about our policies
  • You want to bring along a weapon replica and need it acknowledged by Security
  • Your event needs special security attention
  • You need us to know about personal medical or psychological conditions
  • There is or might be a situation our security might need to know about
Contact our Programming
< events[at]> when…
  • You want to host an event
  • There are questions regarding the event schedule
  • You need special requirements (rooms, hardware...) for your event
Contact our Stage
< stage[at]> when…
  • You want to generally apply to that team
  • Have a stage-related event idea that you would like to talk about
  • You need to discuss stage equipment (rental) business
Contact our On-Site Logistics
< logistics[at]> when…
  • Something big needs to be carried
  • Questions about transportation and storage arise
Contact our Travel Assistance
< travel[at]> when…
  • You have questions about the routes presented on your Travel & Parking page
  • There are genius alternatives we don't know about yet
Contact our Fursuit Support
< fursuit-team[at]> when…
  • You own a fursuit and require assistance with it
  • You have questions or concerns about suitability
  • You need further information about our fursuit lounge and suit related events
Contact our Photo Team
< photo[at]> when…
  • You want to become a member of the team
  • You have questions regarding the Fursuit Photography Gallery
  • Our services are needed for a special event
Contact our Media Relations
< media[at]> when…
  • You are from a media or news agent
  • You would like a tour or inquire filming rights
Contact our Public Affairs
< pa[at]> when…
  • Organisations and Institutions interested in partnering with us
  • Businesses, Restaurants and other shops interested in cooperation during our convention
  • Civil and government services, to discussing local events and legal matters
Contact our Video, DVD & EF Prime
< video[at]> when…
  • You would like to inquire special filming permissions
  • You would like to offer your skills to our film / sound / tech crew
Contact our Art Show
< artshow[at]> when…
  • You are an artist (or agent) and would like to apply for a panel, or discuss your registration
  • You have noticed possible art theft
  • There are questions still open after reading our Art Show guide
Contact our Dealers' Den
< dealers[at]> when…
  • You are an artist (or agent) and would like to sell your products in our den
  • There are questions concerning our Dealers' Den or Artist Alley, which our Dealers' Den page couldn't answer
Contact our Con Book
< conbook[at]> when…
  • You would like to submit your artwork to the conbook
  • You have questions regarding your art submission or the conbook itself
Contact our Daily Eurofurence
< daily[at]> when…
  • There is a story or matter our daily newspaper would like to know about
  • You would like to announce something important on our paper
  • You are a layouter, photographer or writer and would like to join us
Contact our Advertising
< ads[at]> when…
  • Your convention would like to share con book ads with us
  • You need further guidence on format, design or measurements
Contact our Website
< web[at]> when…
  • You find a bug or something looks weird on our website
  • You would like to offer a cool addition or idea
  • You've realized the website is utterly bad and that needs to be said
Contact our IT Department
< it[at]> when…
  • You need something technical during the convention
  • You have a highly technical question