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EF23 Charity: Sieben-Katzenleben e.V.

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Eurofurence are proud to present our charity for 2017: Sieben-Katzenleben e.V. (Seven cat lives).

Since 2010, Sieben-Katzenleben e.V. have worked tirelessly to help homeless cats in need find safe and loving homes. They work with their partners in Spain, but also run projects in Germany.

In Spain, many cats live a rough life fending for themselves. On the streets, they are often poisoned or people throw stones at them. Or even worse - they end up in so called “Perreras”. Here they are put into cold and dirty cages that lack any comfort, before they are eventually killed. Unfortunately consciousness towards the fate of these poor animals is still far less pronounced than in many other countries. Therefore, the charity works actively to educate the local population.

Scared kitty in rather bad shape and living conditions.Kitty in rather bad shape / Perrera

Scared kitty in rather bad shape and living conditions.Scared kitties

Since they started their charity work, Sieben-Katzenleben e.V. and their colleagues in Spain have made great progress. Many cats have since been rescued from the Perreras, from the streets or from government issued poisoning campaigns. The animals have received medical treatment, been castrated, chipped and were found new homes with loving, caring owners. They offer people affordable castration of their cats and at the same time, cat colonies are dissolved and the animals are being medicated and re-homed.

Happy kitties getting fed. Finally safe!

The “Finca” is the shelter they built, a safe haven where the rescued animals are housed and taken care of until they find a new home. The charity have a rent-to-buy lease on the grounds the animal shelter is built on. The lease runs out in June 2017, when the final payment of € 60.000 will be due. Although this amount is far outside their budget, the charity are fighting to save the shelter – it is the cats’ only hope! The charity still has many more plans, for example building a small clinic on the shelter grounds.

The Finca The Finca

Please help us raise money for our dedicated charity, so they can keep their shelter and continue saving cat lives and improving the general situation for them in Spain!

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Donate directly via bank transfer:

Sieben-Katzenleben e.V.
Bank: Volksbank in der Ortenau
IBAN: DE086 6490000 0061886508

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How you can help

As in past years, we are seeking donations of artwork and other unique items to be used in raising money for charity through our Lottery Booth, Charity Auction and an expanded Charity display in the Art Show with items for silent bidding. If you wish to make a donation, then please click the following link to pre-register your donation:

Happy kitty getting fed.

However, even if you have not pre-registered your donation, we will still happily accept extra donations during the convention (see the con book for details). You can also consider donating a percentage of your Art Show sales to charity (see more information during the online art submission process).

There will be various events, activities and other opportunities to donate money during the convention to support our charity. In addition, representatives of Sieben-Katzenleben e.V. will be available for you at a booth, where you can ask questions, learn more about their work or maybe get a sponsorship for a kitty in need.

The charity team and Sieben-Katzenleben e.V. thank you from the bottom of our hearts for anything you can spare.