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Damn Sam!

What's crackalackin'? Let me catch you up on these totally rad numbers our zeeks have compiled about all the people who will be attending this year's most ace gathering! And while you're at it, check out how much this jam has grown over the past, it's the bomb!

The Numbers

So far, 0 dudes and gals have registered themselves for this totally rippin' gig and a whopping 0 have already been accepted, while another 0 are still waiting for a chance to join in. No way, right?! That's totally K-Rad! Luckily 0 considered it a smooth move and have canceled their registrations, so we'll have to make due without them. Nice play, Shakespeare. And because we do need some chicken to get this party kickin', we're totally stoked to announce that a bitch'n total of 0 attendees have already paid their dues! Way cool!

Please be aware that, as every year, we will be having an on-site charity, where you can support a good cause. This year, you'll be able to help save the last of an endangered species known as the African Wild Dog or Painted Dog. So if you can spare some, don't be a dork and give some and with your trippendicular support, we'll be pushing this years charity to the max!

The Stats:


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