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Job offers

A convention as big as Eurofurence can't simply grow without people committing some of their time and skills to it - people like you. Every now and then we are looking for creative people willing to volunteer, to help us with making Eurofurence the best possible experience for everyone! In case you find yourself addressed by one of the following job-offers, feel free to drop us a line. We will gladly have you aboard.

Art Show Team

Additional permanent or temporary crew members wanted!

Eurofurence Art Show Operations is looking to expand their permanent team: From Helpdesk work and database entering to on-site handling of exhibits, the Art Show has a multitude of interesting jobs to offer. In order to streamline and handle the increased workload, we are looking to bolster our team.

The main tasks within the Art Show are artist setup, help desk duty, sales/checkout, and database entries.

  • Artist setup mainly takes place on Wednesday and asks for helping artists to print missing bidsheets, to provide support with the physical materials, and to monitor the general setup.
  • Help desk duty provides direct contact with the attendees: You mainly help prospective bidders in Art Show registration and hand out their bid stickers. The Bidder registration on Thursday and Friday afternoon takes place during the regular opening hours of the show - work times are negotiable, since we have a huge timeframe to cover.
  • Sales/checkout on Saturday does require a bit more dedication, since we work for as long as there are artists and bidders to handle. More hands make for quick work :-) Here, receipts are printed, money needs to be collected, and bidders guided. (Runners to fetch artwork are also wanted, but generally recruited on site.)
  • Database entry is an evening job, well after closing time of the show:On Thursday evening and on Friday evening, the Art Show crew enters exhibits and then final sales and customer registration numbers into the database. As the volume of exhibits and bidders has doubled over the past few years, we need further man and machine power. You bring your own WIFI enabled handheld device (Laptop, tablet or smartphone) and can help us enter our data from the bidsheets via standard browser.

Internal language is German/English but client side is usually English. Other languages a plus but not necessary. We are looking for dependable people with a general interest in furry art, preferrably for a commitment over multiple years (permanent crew). Introductory training will be provided.

We offer a creative rich environment and a chance to help artists and clients alike. A further added bonus is the opportunity to visit and work in the art show during the calm hours of the evening.

If you are interested, please write to the Art Show team.

Fursuit Photoshoot

Helpers wanted

The EF Photography team hosts - as its major responsibility - the Fursuit Photoshoot. This is where we build up a studio set according to the con theme and provide props for fursuiters to get their pictures taken in a professional way. We are proud to say that we have optimized the process down to a point where every suiter (or group) gets a fair bit of our time and energy to turn out several decent pictures.

Reference of our work is available here: and here:

That being said, this process does involve several (three at any time) people working on the set during the operating hours. And to avoid locking people in the set for all three days, we need a decent number of helpers to distribute the work to only about two hours a day - that's my goal.


Who are we looking for?

  • fluent in English (or at least almost)
  • some experience in helping fursuiters/photographers preferred
  • punctual

Responsibilities would include, depending on the duty roster:

  • Operation of the on-location registration/timing system
  • Moving props between the fursuiters and storage area - keeping the set nice and tidy - and potentially helping suiters "get into pose"

If you're interested, drop a line to Atkelar on the forum or write them an email.

Fursuit Support

Helpers and Permanent Crew

We are looking for volunteers who dedicate a few hours of their convention time to help us making Eurofurence a little nicer for all fursuiters . This is your chance to meet all these wonderful fuzzy critters!

What jobs are on offer:

  • Fursuit-Lounge Service: Fursuiters need a lot of fresh water and a bit of looking after. Your job is to help keeping the fursuit lounge operational, refill cups and water dispensers, and keep the lounge clean.
  • Fursuit-Lounge Guardian: The Fursuit-Lounge is an area where suiters can take their head and costume off safely. In the lounge, they should not be disturbed by photographers and fanboys. Your job is to guard the entrance, making sure only fursuiters and staff members get inside.
  • Fursuit Badge Service: Every Fursuiter gets a personal Fursuit-Badge at Eurofurence. We need your help at the counter to hand them out to the suiters, and produce last minute badges for those who forgot to register in time.

Who are we looking for:

  • You have been to Eurofurence before at least once.
  • You are willing to take one or preferably more 90 minutes duty slots.
  • You are known to be reliable and polite around other people.
  • You will definately show up at the assigned timeslot. No letting the team down.

No matter if you just want to help out temporarily, or join the team for longer: We want you!

If you are interested, please contact us through

Fursuit Gameshow

Backstage Crew

We are looking for helping hands to act as "Backstage Crew" during the Fursuit Gameshow shuffle around props and decoration items between the individual games. While the action only lasts for a bit more than three hours - there's stuff to do before and after the show too - it is a quite stressful three hours to be honest: There is limited time between the games to get all the used props from the stage and set up the new props for the next game so that there is no lag for the audience to notice, which is why we need quite a few people to juggle that.

The show usually takes place on Friday afternoon, precise timeslot subject to some pushing and shoving from other stage events.

We can and will provide a complete script for the show including all details about prop movements before the con so everybody can read up on the details before even coming to Berlin. There's also going to be a stage meeting on location some time before the show, usually at Wednesday night so everybody can get to know each other officially.

If you're interested, drop a line to Atkelar on the forum or write them an email.


The Eurofurence security team has 9 vacant positions for new members!

Our teams main responsibilities are:
  • Enforcing convention and venue policies
  • Establishing and operating checkpoints at key areas
  • Crowd control and risk assessment
  • Enforcing fire and safety regulations
  • Assisting the paramedic teams
  • Evacuation procedures

At the convention we have a certain amount of fixed 1-hour guard duty slots at checkpoints or for events. These shifts are shared equally among the whole team. The resulting duty-schedule will be created with respect to the personal wishes and interests of our members. This means we are usually capable of scheduling their shifts without any colliding events that they want to see or take part in themselves. The average workload of scheduled shifts for each security member is between 7 and 10 hours over the course of the entire convention.

Read the full announcement in the Forum.

These offers are subject to constant change throughout the year. If you're interested in helping us out, make sure to check this page periodically so that you don't miss your favorite job!