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Welcome to bombdiggity Berlin!

This is where it’s all happenin’! Sit down, don’t kirk out, we’re so stoked to see you at the most ace gathering of the year. It’s all about the fans of the anthropomorphic, united with a single goal: to take this party to the max. Radical!

Whether you’re looking for a gnarly dance, a place to veg out or a wicked panel on your fave show: we got you covered, man! Eurofurence 22 is sure to provide you with a totally tubular experience. Hosted in the boss Estrel Hotel, Eurofurence is sure to supply you with the bulkest time you’ve ever had. We got panels, we got fursuits, we got the raddest drinks…and it’s all right there in the Estrel, so you can chill out to the max. Now that is what we call tight! This year, we find ourselves in the most rad decade of them all. Hold on, stay sharp, Eurofurence 22 welcomes you to the 80s!

Hey dude, I hear you thinking, spill the beans, what is the deal with this Eurofurence? Eurofurence is the freshest annual gathering of the furry community. We’re a bunch of people who enjoy anthropomorphic animals, can you relate? We’re all fans of animals that walk the walk and talk the talk like we do. From cartoons to realistic art, from costumes to puppets, we got you covered. Eurofurence celebrates this furry community in the broadest sense of the word with art, costuming, puppetry, music, dance, and panels on all these righteous things. Everyone is welcome to join us because we are like, totally chill.

Want to know more about this bangin’ get-together? Ready to sign up? Just read around our website, grab your leg warmers and comb that mullet to perfection. Get psyched because we are going to rock this place, big time!