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Welcome to Berlin

Whether you come from the mist-forests to the north, the great mountains to the east, the deserts to the south, or the vast oceans to the west, we are delighted that you have chosen to attend EF 21. The recent excavation of previously unknown Ancestor structures in the Sonnenallee District should provide us with a weekend’s worth of discussion and speculation on how the Ancestors lived, and perhaps even where they went!

The weather in the Berlin area is expected to be humid and pleasantly moderate, in the low 30s, and our Safety Patrol has been working tirelessly to keep our perimeter safe from raiders. Upon your arrival, we will provide a guide as to which of our local plants and fruits are edible, and which insects to avoid. We look forward to your participation in our conference this year!

Eurofurence is an annual gathering of the furry community, people who enjoy exploring the world of anthropomorphic animals through many forms of imagination, including art, costuming, puppetry, music, writing, and dance. EF 21 takes place in a future Berlin, a “greenhouse world” populated entirely by anthropomorphic animals in the overgrown ruins of the cities once inhabited by their mysterious “Ancestors.”