EF19 Charity: Wildtierhilfe Fiel e.V.

A baby fox rescued from an Easter fire, a fawn that lost its mother, injured squirrels, orphaned martens or young birds that fell out of the nest – the animal rescue center Wildtierhilfe Fiel e.V. is lovingly taking care of many different wild animals in need.

Wildtierhilfe Fiel e.V.

The Wildtierhilfe Fiel is a registered, non-profit animal charity organized by the family Fußbahn. The main goals of this friendly charity are to take care of injured or orphaned wild animals of all sorts and nurse them back to health as well as to foster and nurture young animals and finally release them back to the wild. Especially hand-rearing the many baby animals is a very demanding job, requiring care and attention day and night. This is especially difficult since it is important that the animals do not get used to humans, so they can be returned to the wild.

The large estate of the charity is being used for the animals and their enclosures. The Wildtierhilfe Fiel nurses, raises and releases about 1000 animals of all kind to the wild per year. In addition, the trained vet assistant Dirk Fußbahn answers phone calls round the clock, giving advice in emergencies or when an animal is found.

The animal rescue is also taking in exotic animals that have been confiscated, abandoned or rescued from poor conditions. Exotic animals, such as apes, fennecs, raccoons, coatis, raccoon dogs, otters and other animals that cannot be returned to the wild any more will be accommodated for permanent care in suitable enclosures. They also offer sponsorships for the different animals. Donations and sponsorships (paying a monthly amount of money to support an animal) are helping the charity being able to cover the costs of food, enclosures, vet bills, etc. Furthermore, Wildtierhilfe Fiel e.V. works with schools and preschools and offers information and guided tours to teach children that animals are not toys and how to act appropriately if they should find an injured or orphaned wild animal.

Wildtierhilfe Fiel e.V. Wildtierhilfe Fiel e.V.

Every summer the Wildtierhilfe Fiel organizes an open day event for visitors. The non-profit organization is being financed only by donations and support by animal friends, like for example food donations from nearby farmers. All money donated is being used for the animals and their accommodation only.

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Wildtierhilfe Fiel e.V.

There will be various events, activities and other opportunities to donate money during the convention to support our charity. Like last year, we will host a special charity auction where you have the chance to bid on unique items donated by attendees (all sales go 100% to charity). And like the previous years we will have a lottery booth in the lobby. There will also be fursuiters collecting in donation boxes with our official sticker on, and the Charity team will run various other events and activities. In addition, representatives of the Wildtierhilfe Fiel will be available for you at a booth in the lobby, where you can ask questions, learn more about their animals or maybe buy a sponsorship. And finally, by popular demand we have decided to repeat the charity concert in the piano bar which proved extremely successful and popular last year.

Ways to support the Charity include: Wildtierhilfe Fiel e.V. Wildtierhilfe Fiel e.V.

Please help us to raise money for our amazing Eurofurence 19 charity! Anything you can spare will help the charity to continue to save lives. If you have any questions, please direct them to the members of our charity team: charity@eurofurence.org

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Wildtierhilfe Fiel e.V. Wildtierhilfe Fiel e.V. Wildtierhilfe Fiel e.V. Wildtierhilfe Fiel e.V. Wildtierhilfe Fiel e.V. Wildtierhilfe Fiel e.V. Wildtierhilfe Fiel e.V.
Eurofurence 19 – Aloha Hawaii

Maritim Hotel Magdeburg, Germany
August 21–25, 2013

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