The Emmrich Sanctuary is more than just an animal shelter. It is a sanctuary in the truest sense of the word -- a place where any animal, no matter how terribly injured, distressed or mistreated, can come to find help and healing and a measure of peace.

Since its founding nearly forty years ago, the Sanctuary's first concern has been to help animals directly. They currently have two donkeys, two ponies, a horse, eight tortoises, ten turtles, eleven parrots, eight dogs, 31 cats, and more rabbits than they quite want to count.

Almost all the Sanctuary's animals have faced some kind of abuse from humans, and some have stories beyond any nightmare. Starved, beaten, abandoned, broken, paralysed, burned - they have seen the worst possible face of humanity, and it takes much work and patience to restore their shattered trust. Some are so terribly crippled and traumatised, so maimed in body and spirit, that they can never again live outside the Sanctuary. Even so, the Sanctuary staff work diligently to regain the animals' trust, to help them recover from their physical and mental injuries, and to find them loving and safe homes wherever possible.

As well as caring for animals directly, the Sanctuary is involved in many projects to improve treatment of animals, to educate people (especially children) in what can be done against animal abuse, and to improve the welfare of animals in other areas as well -- for example, by feeding but also neutering feral cats in poorer countries, helping avoid the spectre of overpopulation and endless litters of starving kittens.

The Emmrich Sanctuary is the supported charity of Eurofurence 16. The donations we collect for them will go directly to help animals like Schleifi ("Skiddy"), a cat whose back was broken with a club, but who manages to climb with her front legs alone and still knows how to purr ...

... or like Legu the iguana, now missing part of his tail and addicted to his warming lamp, who was almost the only survivor of a pet shop whose owner simply walked out one day and left the animals to die one by one

... or like Schneewittchen, a white polo pony who was to be butchered when she grew slower than the younger horses, and who was saved in time only because passersby heard her screaming

... or like the black dog Keule, who found that having his forelegs broken was barely even the beginning of his tortures, but who survived his fractures and burns to become the grey-muzzled and heavily-scarred pack elder of the Sanctuary, in charge of teaching other dogs how to socialise (and not to chase the cats)

... but all of them living out their days in a place where they can leave their broken pasts behind them, a place where they can put their trust in the humans around them, a place that respects the needs, the well-being, and the essential dignity of all humans and animals alike.


We will be collecting donations for the Emmrich Sanctuary during the whole convention (and before and after if you like!). Any amount, large or small, will be received with great gratitude.

  • 10 euros will feed a cat or dog for a week.
  • 100 euros will pay for the neutering of a feral cat.
  • 1000 euros will pay the Sanctuary's vet bills for a whole month.

You could also adopt an animal for a year (or forever!), sending money regularly to keep them fed and otherwise supported.

If you have any queries about the charity, or about donating, please write to EosFoxx, Eurofurence's charity coordinator EosFoxx.

You can also contact the Sanctuary directly by email, or visit their Web site. There you can also find the necessary details if you wish to donate directly.